👋 Hi! I am Ilya

Software engineer obsessed with efficiency, infrastructure costs, and reliability. I enjoy working on distributed and/or decentralized systems. I have been working on production apps since 2010.

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RPC Router project screenshot

💼 Founder

RPC Router

November 2023 - Now

A Web3-specific load balancer that seamlessly consolidates multiple RPC endpoints into a singular, high-speed, and dependable super-endpoint.

Me, 1 employee developer, 1 business advisor
Minimizing latency, working with websockets, and handling a large number of concurrent requests.
Open-sourced, the project is being used in production by at least two crypto businesses.
P2PCloud project screenshot

💼 Founder


September 2021 - January 2024

Decentralized cloud computing platform integrating AMD's Secure Encrypted Virtualization and blockchain. Greatest technical breakthrough - running a full TEE attestation completely in browser using WASM - that has never been done before.

Me, 2 developers, 1 developer advocate
Working with Trusted Execution Environment, storing sensitive data on untrusted machines, quality control, networking in a decentralized system, legal.
Due to a conflict between legal and decentralization and lack of a sustainable business model, I've decided to pause for now.
Chat API project screenshot

💼 Founder

Chat API

August 2017 - September 2022

An API for W****App (the green messenger from Meta) for businesses to integrate W****App into their CRM systems. At its peak, we had **k paid accounts and our API was larger than the official one. My most successful project to date.

Started solo in 2017; in 2019 acquired my friend's web agency to run the business.
High load, very high load. That project made me passionate about infrastructure. Also legal & technical fights with Meta.
Multiple Cease and Desist letters. I decided to settle with Facebook/Meta.
Private ICO Fund project screenshot

👨‍💻 Security engineer @ private ICO fund

Private ICO Fund


During the ICO era, I was a security engineer at a private ICO fund. I was responsible for the post-ICO ERC20 token distribution. Security of the fund relied on the fact that signers do not know each other and therefore can't collude. I created real-time interfaces for the signers to sign transactions.

In the technical team, only me
I used naive key splitting kind of multisig for the private key - worked well. I would do MPC now for sure. Back then anything related to crypto was a challenge lol.
On the security side - zero breaches. I made a lot of money, but lost every single wei in the end. That's karma.
HOTCHAT3000 project screenshot

👨‍💻 Infrastructure engineer @


August 2023

Hot Chat 3000 uses an AI model to rank your attractiveness on a scale of one (not hot) to 10 (hot!). Your score will then determine who you're eligible to chat with.

I did the AI scaling part; a large team was involved.
To scale the AI model grading faces on GPUs to handle 24k inferences per second and not go over budget.
The One Million Dollar Puzzle project screenshot

👨‍💻 Security engineer @

The One Million Dollar Puzzle

2020 - 2024 (few editions)

It's a 500-piece puzzle with a QR code that, once scanned, reveals a prize between $1 and $1,000,000!

I did the security part; a large team was involved.
The hardest part was to make sure that even in case a potential attacker owns the whole dataset, they still can't cheat the system. Legal compliance was a challenge too.
ClickSwipe project screenshot

👨‍💻 Developer @


January 2020

ClickSwipe is a desktop app that swipes on Tinder every time you click your mouse.

A few people; I did the desktop app.
MacOS security settings to handle the mouse click events.
The Persistence of Chaos project screenshot

👨‍💻 Developer @

The Persistence of Chaos

May 2019

A work of art consisting of a laptop that contains six computer viruses, worms, and pieces of malware that have caused major damage. The artwork was created in 2019 by artist Guo O Dong (guess who it is, lol) and the collective MSCHF, and sold at auction for $1,345,000 in May 2019.

I did the technical part, but many people were involved.
Finding an optimal OS to run the viruses.

👨‍💻 Developer @ a secret Brooklyn-based agency

Nope button

June 2017

A browser extension that simulates an important call to help you escape from boring colleague encounters. The client was Breather - a coworking space company.

Me, PM and a designer
No challenges, pure fun!
Panasonic eForms project screenshot

👨‍💻 Java developer @ Panasonic Russia via ADV

Panasonic eForms


Supported a business for Panasonic Russia. It was an XSLT/Java based web app for filling and processing forms.

Me and a junior developer
IE support 🤯